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The fired arts teaching resource to the world

This site exists as a resource for all things fired arts. Education is one of the most important aspects for continued growth. Online publishing has made it easier to reach people around the word, any time of day or night. So what makes unique?

  • It's free to everyone. No tricks or gimmicks! We ask you to register so we can send you monthly updates of new content. 
  • It covers all aspects of fired arts including clay, bisque, mold cast, glass, metal clay, alternative firings like raku, pit firing, sagger methods, and so much more. If it involves a kiln, you'll find information here. 
  • We've categorized everything. So if you only have an interest in clay methods, but have no interest in glass, you can avoid looking at the glass articles. But we'd encourage you to look at everything. You never know. You may learn something new!
  • Are you looking for workshops or shows? We've got you covered! Contact us if you have an event you'd like to have listed. 
  • We've purchased an archive of past print publication articles from Fired Arts & Crafts and Popular Ceramics magazines. We'll be adding new lessons and articles on a weekly basis. And best of all, it's all free, anytime, day or night. 
  • We're all about sharing! Please invite your friends to this site. Feel free to share links. You can also share your work with us. It may be in the gallery or as a full lesson plan or article we feature on the site. Show off what you do!
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