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Sept 2017 Smiley Tree By Robin Howard

Click on these latest Clay Magic images to see close shots and get mold numbers. 

Sept 2017 Boo Pumpkins By Tammy Swords

Oct 2017 Buck at Sunset By Regina Henderson

Sept 2017 Smiley Tree By Robin Howard

Mold Lesson Plans

All of these lesson plans start with cast ware.Click on the image for the lesson plan.

Jan 2016 Majolica Pansies By Fredonna Caserta

Oct 2017 Mice On Pumpkin By Robin Howard

Dec 2105 Multiple Molds By Jon Dean

March 2015 Turtle & Snail Boxes By Mayco

Nov 2017 Red Lion Inn 

By Tammy Swords

Sept 2017 Pumpkin Patch By Shirley Rainey

Sept 2017 Zelda the Witch By Robin Howard

Oct 2017 Butterflies

By Lainey Hattaway

Sept 2017 Frisky's Day Out by David Hayes

Sept 2017 Crack Pot Scarecrow By Robin Howard

Nov 2017 In the Wild

By Randy Swords